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Our Something Adventurous package is our most all inclusive photography package this side of the Mississippi (and the other direction too):

  • 2 Photographers for 10 hours (each) on the day of your wedding
  • All of the images captured on the day of your wedding, delivered on a USB thumbdrive
  • 1000+ Final Photographs
  • 2 Hour Engagement Session
  • 40 Page Layflat Photobook
  • Instamatic Collection

Want further explanation of what some of these elements are?

Coverage – Closer to the date of your wedding (typically one month before) we’ll go over with you via email and/or phone about the schedule of your day and develop the best consecutive use of the hours in your wedding photography package.

Final Photographs – We capture a lot of photographs on the day of your wedding, I mean A LOT OF PHOTOGRAPHS! And we want to make sure you only see the best of the best. We color correct, straighten out and remove the unsightly stuff from your perfect images, ready for you to share with all of your family and friends. We may even share some of them too!

Engagement Session – Truth be told, we want to get to know you two because the best images we capture on the day of the wedding are partnered with an engagement session before the day. Let’s go out for a few hours, hang out, have some fun and get some great images that you’re going to want to share all over the interwebs. If we’re lucky, maybe you’ll include them in your save the dates!

Photobook – There’s nothing like holding a beautiful print in your hand. We love it just as much as you. And what’s better than 1 photograph but a whole professional bound book with dozens of images laid out all over the page. You’re going to have to pry it out of your mother-in-laws hands. It’s happened before. This photo book is particularly special because it’s a lay flat, meaning, that if you find your favorite spread in the book and want to display it in your living room, you don’t have to worry about the pages collapsing back on themselves. Although, we can’t guarantee that the dog prints won’t get all over it if they get up on the coffee table. **Anti Dog cleaning cloth not included**

Instamatic – We love vintage instant cameras like Polaroid and the bunch but we love bringing that stuff back to our clients as well. With the Something Adventurous, we’ll include a custom packaged instant camera with 6 (10 exposure) rolls for you to capture all of your own shnanigans at your wedding. Whether it be when you’re getting ready with your girls or getting down on the dance floor with your squad from High School, the instamatic is the best way to have instant access to all of those moments. And they’re perfect to include in your wallet or even on the fridge. On the fridge, not in the fridge. They’re not edible chemicals.

RAW Images  – Since we’re never able to include everything we capture in your digital album, we always include it on a Personalized USB drive with every last photograph that we captured on your day.

Backup Storage – After we’ve delivered your photos both in digital and physical formats, we archive everything to Hard Drives that are stored on-site and off-site for optimum preservation. If you ever need another copy of your film (for up to 4 years), let us know and we can get you a complete copy. It’s that simple :)

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