Our Elegance Collection is the perfect fit who loves what we do narratively. The narrative segments of our wedding films come from the moments during the ceremony and toast, which get captured with two cameras using only just one cinematographer. With 8 hours of coverage, all of your important moments are captured flawlessly.

      Each Wedding Film we create is a unique expression of art, love, and documentation. We strive to create the best wedding films in the industry and with every wedding we capture, the work keeps developing and evolving. This is why we tell each of our clients that the wedding films we make are unique from the last.

      Each Elegance Wedding Film comes with the following:

      8 hours of Coverage with One Cinematographer
      3-5 minute finished wedding film
      All of the RAW footage
      Wedding Film & RAW footage delivered on one of our designer Wedding USB Thumbdrive


      Let's Chat about this Collection

      Closer to the date of your wedding (typically one month before) we'll go over with you via email and/or phone about the schedule of your day and develop the best consecutive use of the hours in your wedding film collection

      High Definition Highlight Film

      Our High Definition (or HD) process involves the industry standard for capturing traditional video, whether that be for Wedding Films, Commercials, or Music Videos. A highlight film is our way of standardizing the type of film (or video) we will be delivering. In these Highlight Films, we'll be editing your wedding day footage to music in more of a music video style.

      RAW Footage 

      Since we're never able to include everything we capture in your film, we always include it on a Personalized USB drive with every last minute that we captured on your day.

      Backup Storage

      After we've delivered your film both in digital and physical formats, we archive everything to Hard Drives that are stored on-site and off-site for optimum preservation. If you ever need another copy of your film (for up to 4 years), let us know and we can get you a complete copy. It's that simple :)

      Full Ceremony and Toasts Coverage

      With one cinematographer capturing your ceremony and toasts (during reception) with two cameras, we can deliver a uninterrupted look at what both of these events looked like. We’re going all out and putting microphones on the Groom and capturing the audio directly from the officiant through the native sound system at the venue. With these two elements, we create High Quality Sound and High Definition Picture videos for your cinematic collection.

      Watch some of our Wedding Film samples from the Elegance Collection.

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