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      It not just enough to be versed in weddings, but more important to be learned in your art form. This is why we find our talented cinematographer, editors, and core production team from within the film and media industry, not just the wedding industry. We look for individuals with the mindset of “the production  has to be done right the first time”. They have to understand production and event logistics, while the other half of their perspective works on the creative and inspirational end. When we marry the two, we come to find that we’re able to create these beautiful pieces of art we have come to define as Wedding Films. Something New Media is based in Tempe, Arizona but has teams in Chicago, Illinois for our mid-west couples.


      About us
      Love. Capture. Relive.

      We believe that every occasion is unique and should be treated with a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s a chance to tell a story unlike any other.

      Something New Media is a collection of award-winning filmmakers dedicated to bringing you the most breathtaking wedding films in Arizona and the Chicago area.


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