Tim.KatieAccording to TheKnot.com, one of the top wedding regrets that couples have is NOT hiring a wedding videographer (of course, at Something New Media, we prefer to call them Cinematographers). Even better, a recent survey conducted by The Wedding and Event Videographers Association found that ~98% of newlywed couples recommended to future brides that they SHOULD have wedding videography. While we agree that investing in a fantastic photographer is always a smart choice, we also warn our couples of the regrets that they will have if they don’t hire a wedding cinematographer.

      For example – can you imagine not being able to re-watch your father’s toast at your reception? Or hearing the crack in your fiance’s voice as he or she reads your vows to you? Or the look on your beloved’s face when he or she sees you for the first time? Neither could we. So here are our top five reasons to hire a wedding cinematographer!

      1. Relive the Moments You Missed
        As a bride or groom, it is impossible to be everywhere on your wedding day. There are moments that you’ll miss such as your fiancé getting ready before the ceremony, your guests arriving and sharing their excitement with each other or your grandfather wiping a tear from his face during the ceremony. Having a wedding film allows you to relive all of the special moments that you missed and may be surprised to see!
      2. Hearing Your Vows
        The most important aspect of your wedding is of course your ceremony where you’ll exchange vows with your fiancé! While photos do a fantastic job of capturing the emotion of the day, your wedding film will allow you to hear the personal vows that you exchange with your fiancé, the tone in your voice and the laughter of the audience. These moments just simply can’t be relieved by photos alone. Your wedding film will be able to take you back to that moment where you said “I Do.”
      3. Slow Down Time
        No, we aren’t time traveling experts, but with our wedding films we can bring you back to the moments of your wedding day that just seemed to fly by. After months and maybe even years of meticulously planning the biggest day or your life, those sweet hours are going to fly by and you’ll wake up the next day thinking – is it really over!? (Cue the post wedding blues). However, have no fear because your wedding film will be able to take you back in time and re-experience the butterflies, excitement, love and all around happiness of your wedding day.
      4. Two Words – Raw Footage
        We typically get emails from our couples that say something along the lines of “OMG – we love our wedding film but we are SO thankful that you shared the raw footage!”. The raw footage contains all of the moments that didn’t make the cut for your wedding film. That might be because someone was making a funny face, cursed or had a few too many jack and cokes. But hey, what’s a wedding without some fun ;). Our videographers typically get 5-8 hours of footage and most of that we have to edit down to a 3-10 minute film. Imagine all of the bloopers and behind the scenes footage you’ll be able to see!
      5. New Traditions
        After you start your life together as a married couple, you’ll notice that life seems to move at light speed. You’ll have kids, buy a new home, get a new puppy, start a new job, move to another state – the list goes on! We always recommend our couples to start a new tradition and watch their wedding film on their anniversary each year to take them back to those sweet moments. Even better, you can pop some popcorn and grab a few beers and go through all of the raw footage. Trust us, watching your drunk try to bust a move on the dance floor will never get old!

      Do you have other reasons why hiring a videographer (or cinematographer!) for your wedding was a fantastic idea? Be sure to share them and tag us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!